Video: NBA 2K13 trailer pits Dream Team against Team USA

By Quixem Ramirez


NBA 2K13 released another excellent trailer, highlighting the Dream Team and this years Team USA squad — against one other.

The amazing visuals in this video include but are not limited to:

— Magic Johnson throwing a pretty behind-the-back dish to David Robinson.

— Scottie Pippen dunking against LeBron James, though Robinson deserves a ton of credit here as he did an excellent job creating space for Pippen.

— Deron Williams crossing over Magic. (Badly.)

— Charles Barkley jumping high and scoring.

— Michael Jordan guarding Kobe Bryant.

— Kobe defending MJ in an isolation possession as the clock winds down.

— LeBron blocking Karl Malone’s hook shot attempt.

— Christian Laettner sitting on the bench, somewhere. (Which is strangely riveting.)