Tony Parker says Nando De Colo’s transition to Spurs will be “difficult”

By Quixem Ramirez

Nando De Colo said he isn’t afraid to venture into the NBA but, if Tony Parker’s methodical upbringing is an accurate indication, he may need to lower his expectations quite a bit.

While De Colo is talented and can seamlessly slot into the point guard and shooting guard positions, Parker believes his transition to the NBA will be difficult. The competition — as Patty Mills, Gary Neal, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green inhabit his potential positions — will only make it more difficult for De Colo to find a defined role with the Spurs.

“It will be difficult. Patty Mills used to play more than Nando,     and if he plays at station 2, there is Manu Ginobili and Gary     Neal! The competition is tough. That’s the problem Nando is     a super talented player that can do lots of things, but     sometimes you say what is his position?”

As an aside, Parker added that the Spurs can compete with the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

“We have as much chance as the Lakers. (…) The stability is the hallmark of Spurs. And you can not     change our team. It was 20 straight wins with the best basketball in the NBA. Boris Diaw with throughout     the year, Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green have one more year, we have our role to play even if Miami, the     Lakers and OKC will be very strong.”