Video: NBA 2K13 official trailer doesn’t include the Spurs

By Quixem Ramirez


The official NBA 2K13 trailer was released today which essentially signals the end of the worst part of the NBA offseason. There is still three weeks until training camp and NBA 2K13 but it’s nice to see basketball — in any shape or form.

But, though the video accentuates the awesomeness of the game, it doesn’t include any San Antonio Spurs players. I mean, they had Paul Millsap doing something cool but they couldn’t have found a way to put a clip of Manu Ginobili slashing to the rim, Tony Parker unleashing a floater in the lane or Tim Duncan being, um, fundamental?

This is just another reason why the general consensus gravitates to the Los Angeles Clippers and other flashy offensive teams.

The Clippers dunk a lot and the Spurs don’t.

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