Erazem Lorbek says choice to stay overseas was “easy”

By Quixem Ramirez

In an idealistic world where Tim Duncan could play basketball in perpetuity, Manu Ginobili could consistently inspire basketball players everywhere with his acuity without worrying about the pitfalls of age and Tony Parker wouldn’t see his elite speed deteroriate, Erazem Lorbek would have been a nice addition to the San Antonio Spurs.

But we don’t live in an idealistic world and neither does Lorbek, who chose security, family and upwards of $2.5 million a year to stay with Regal Barcelona for the next three seasons rather than ride the pine in San Antonio. (Though he seemed to have a finite role already in place should he have chosen the Spurs.)

You can’t fault Lorbek for his decision as the logic was sound but it is a shame that the Spurs won’t be able to mold a talented spot shooter and shot creator into a potent weapon in the NBA.

The decision must have been tough as passing up on an opportunity to play in the best basketball league in the world isn’t ideal. But, according to Lorbek, choosing Barcelona was easy because he believes his game translates easier to the international game (via Mundo Deportivo.)

“At the end, choosing Barca was easy. I had the option of San Antonio but decided to stay here. It is a good     choice because I still have a very good and I feel good with my style of play here, more European. That was     important. No, the [NBA door] isn’t closed ever but now I’m more focused on playing here. My style of play is     a bit more European and therefore decided to stay.”

Hat-tip to Jeff Garcia of Project Spurs.