Amico: Derek Fisher could play with Spurs this season?

By Quixem Ramirez

Mar 6, 2011; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker (9) drives against Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher (2) during the first half at the AT

Derek Fisher is 38 years old. He doesn’t have a job currently. But there is tangible interest in his services as the Nets, Cavaliers, Mavericks, Knicks, Bulls and Thunder are currently in the mix.

The San Antonio Spurs, and their incongruous combination of guards, surely wouldn’t be interested right? It’s unlikely but Sam Amico of Fox Sports says it would not be surprising if he ended up with the Spurs. This isn’t anything concrete, of course, just a possibility that Amico believes might come to fruition (via his Sulia channel.)

Ignoring the obvious sentimental pitfalls, Fisher’s addition to the Spurs doesn’t make any sense logistically. His PER last year (8.0) was his worst of his career and that number dropped even more with Oklahoma City. His shooting efficiency isn’t acceptable and his mid-range game, which used to be a sound source for points, is nonexistent. And his decision making has worsened with age. He turned the ball over on 16.2% of his possessions on the floor last year, only a slight tick lower than his assist percentage.

Yeah, he’s just not very good anymore. (Side note: Although, in his tenure with Oklahoma City, they were considerably better with him on the floor. For example, they scored 113.7 points per 100 possessions this season compared to 105.2 pts/100 without Fisher. Does this make any sense to you?)

Plus, he’s exactly what the Spurs already have only a lot less effective. At this point, a good amount of his value is tied up to his 16 years of NBA experience and the notion that he is a “clutch” shooter. (Which really isn’t that important nor entirely true.) If he was say, Derek Jones, there likely wouldn’t be five or six teams interested.

But he’s Derek Fisher and as long as teams believe that his addition adds some intangible presence, he will continue to find work even though his production doesn’t deem a NBA roster spot.

He better not come to San Antonio or, you know, I won’t be too happy.