Spurs, Ginobili make less commercials than Durant, Thunder (obviously)

By Quixem Ramirez

The San Antonio Spurs aren’t an affable bunch like the Oklahoma City Thunder and neither does their market galvanize the country like Miami or Los Angeles.

So, naturally, they wouldn’t be the most appealing bunch to TV executives right?

Yes, indeed. But with the help of HEB, even though the ads are usually humorously quaint compared to their Nike brethren, the Spurs finished fourth with 75 commercials, only trailing behind Oklahoma City, Miami and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Manu Ginobili’s 29 commercials, specifically, put him fifth behind Kevin Durant (59), Kobe Bryant (40), LeBron James (34) and Steve Nash (33). In a testament to Ginobili’s lower profile, he appeared most with HEB compared to Durant, Bryant and James, who were well represented by Nike.

Fellow teammates Tim Duncan (25) and Tony Parker (13) rounded out the top 20, respectively. And delving deeper down the list, you will notice Tiago Splitter (4) and Gary Neal (3) were recognized for their outstanding work with Northside Ford — and I use outstanding very, very lightly here. Matt Bonner also made the cut with his one commercial for Planet Fitness.

For video of the 75 Spurs commercials, click the Spurs’ individual names on the link above.


Hat-tip to the San Antonio Express News for the photo.