Manu Ginobili writes about future with Argentina, experience in London

By Quixem Ramirez

After taking some time away for himself, Manu Ginobili delineated his experience in London with his Argentinian squad, who finished fourth behind Russia, Spain and the United States.

In his piece for LA Nacion, Ginobili described his range of emotions he experienced in the heartbreaking bronze medal game, how he’s looking forward to Carlos Delfino’s tenure with Houston even though their roster will look dramatically different and the measures he’s taken to relax before he heads back to San Antonio next month.

Ginobili on the Olympics:

“I would say that I’m not angry, but inevitably, still, when I think about what we just play, it hurts and it’s not     going to change. I spoke yesterday with a friend: I will be the same feeling as when we lost the final in     Indianapolis or the semifinal with Spain in 2006. These opportunities and do not give out, and you think     about how close that was. Because one thing is like in 2008 when we lost the semi with the United States,     or San Antonio in 2010, against Phoenix, we won 4-0 without discussion. When you pass and go home     and sleep easier. But when you were so close and you think about things that could be changed in small     details, digest it costs you more. Luckily, with the days goes by bitterness, and children and family to help     you be much better.”

While he isn’t committing to next years qualifier for the forthcoming World Cup, Ginobili still presented the possibility that he might represent his country in the near future.

“I know many people think if this team has something more to give. Something I’m wondering is when you     can say that a team changed, that is another. When one goes, or five? When there are none? Nobody said     yet who will, who will not. We know that Carlos and Luis continue and they were in the Olympic gold, but it is     tricky to draw the line is not allowed to say more the Golden Generation. Those who are undecided will     know when the time comes. While not come and do not know how I will be, I can not say … It’s two years to     the next engagement, it is impossible to decide now. Surely Premundial not play next year, but will be later.”

Ginobili’s entire piece can be found here (or at the link above) so be sure to check it out.

So what do you think Spurs fans? Should Manu play with Argentina one final time?