Harvey: Robert Horry a good fit for the Spurs’ coaching staff

By Quixem Ramirez

The San Antonio Spurs’ coaching staff has been ravaged by other NBA teams as their success in Gregg Popovich’s coaching tree invariably opens up avenues for further development.

Don Newman joined the Washington Wizards as an assistant. Jacque Vaughn, without the requisite experience behind the bench, was hired by the Orlando Magic as their heir to Stan Van Gundy, who excelled creating a system that fit the respective talents of his players.

Brett Brown and Mike Budenholzer are still on staff so there is a touch of continuity on staff, aside from the venerable Pop. There is a lot of holes currently and for an aspiring head coach, joining Popovich is a proven method of success. Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express-News tweeted that Popovich is interested in Randy Livington, currently coaching in the D-League, and Buck Williams, whose currently in Portland.

But, and this is purely speculation on Harvey’s part, Robert Horry seems to be a good fit for the Spurs coaching staff.

And the one I would like to see return to work with Popovich: Robert Horry, who has said in the past he would be interested in coaching.

— Buck Harvey (@Buck_SA) August 18, 2012

Horry is an excellent choice because he will buy into the Spurs ideology and carry out Popovich’s agenda without a complaint. He handled himself with dignity in his five-year stint. There isn’t any realistic warning signs to the contrary. It’s an assistant coaching job, which isn’t too significant, but it is important to instill a systematic message especially as the Spurs are in the process of implementing new talent.

So what do you think Spurs fans? Do you like the idea of Robert Horry coaching in San Antonio?

Hat-tip to the San Antonio Express News for the photo.