Tony Parker isn’t worried about close game against Tunisia

By Quixem Ramirez

France is in the midst of a three game winning streak after their 27-point loss to Team USA but their wins haven’t been decisive. It’s understandable if you are unimpressed with their 6.3 point margin of victory over Argentina, Lithuania and Tunisia.

But a win remains a win, even if the win doesn’t exact confidence. Tony Parker doesn’t feel their propensity to win close games is a flaw. In fact, he believes, winning via blowout doesn’t always bode well for the knockout rounds.

“Playing at 9 am, it’s not easy and Tunisians played well,” Parker     said. “The main thing is that we have won and now we have to     focus on Nigeria.

It’s useless to play 40 minutes and … win by 40 points if we’re     too tired after the quarter-finals. I think we handled it well …”

Parker chipped in a game-high 22 points in their four-point victory over Tunisia. He scored 13 points in the third quarter, adding that he feels good wearing his new goggles.

“I feel good,” Parker said. “I adapt to the glasses, I try to wear them more often, even during my time off.”

France will definitely settle with a much improved Parker over a less than stellar winning margin anyway.