Nando De Colo: “Everyone was really into the game”

By Quixem Ramirez

Was Nando De Colo, who finished with 11 points on 3-of-8 shooting in France’s 71-64 victory over Argentina yesterday, worried about losing a second consecutive preliminary game?


“No, because we knew we didn’t play ​​a good first game,” De Colo     said. “In training we were focused on what to do today and it     showed on the field, we put a lot of intensity and everyone was     really into the game.”

While Manu Ginobili had another excellent game (26 points, five rebounds and three 3-pointers), De Colo asserted that it was more important that they alleviated the damage from the rest of the Argentina core.

“He’s a player who takes a lot of screens,” De Colo said. “We tried     to do something about it … But the main thing is we managed to     control their team in general. I think it was well managed … In the first half, Ronny (Turiaf) did a great job     on (Luis Scola) and he was tired. He scores because he’s a great player, but overall it was well controlled.”

For De Colo, it was a mere glimpse to what he’ll be witnessing a lot this upcoming NBA season — a dominant Manu Ginobili performance.

Next time he’ll likely be able to enjoy it more.