Tony Parker admits playing against Manu was “strange”

By Quixem Ramirez

As a Spurs fan, it was a bit jarring to see the assortment of Spurs in today’s exciting matchup between France and Argentina — Nando De Colo, Boris Diaw, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker make up nearly a fourth of the entire 2012-13 roster. But it was even more jarring to see Ginobili and Parker, two intricate cogs of the Spurs dynasty, barrel into the lane with impunity on separate teams.

When Parker found some space in transition with Ginobili planting himself in the lane firmly, bracing for inevitable impact, it was pretty weird to see them arguing over different interpretations of the call. They weren’t teammates today which Parker admitted was “special” but, at the same time, “strange.”

“It was really special because he’s one of my best friends,”     Parker said. “We’ve played together for very long. It was very     strange to play against him, usually when he gets shots like     that, that’s my team (smile). He played a great game tonight     but Batum defended very well against him (and) he was very tired. That was our goal … and I think we did a     good job … We won the game on defense.”

Parker also commented in the interview that he still feels uncomfortable with his glasses, how he hopes this pivotal win will be a spring board to more success and that he, unlike Ginobili, didn’t root for his teammate to miss.

So what do you think Spurs fans? Was today’s international game weird to watch?