French coach Vince Collet reflects on loss to Team USA

By Quixem Ramirez

In light of their demoralizing 27-point loss to Team USA, French head coach Vince Collet reflected on the game.

He added that they lost control, as their 18 turnovers suggests, struggled to control the glass (the United States held a 56-40 advantage) and they missed a lot of open shots. Everything he said was, well, exactly true.

“The United States could make the game they     wanted to do,” Collet said. “They put the pressure     from the beginning to the end of the match … I found a game that was well structured. But then we lost     control.

Under pressure, we tried too often to find individual solutions in emerging systems, too early in     possessions. It … allowed Americans to make interceptions and you know it makes them unstoppable.     Nobody plays the ball well and has such an ability to accelerate the game.”

Collet was disappointed in his perimeter shooting, France converted on 2-of-22 3-point attempts, but he also gave credit to the Americans ability to close out to shooters.

“It was very important for us to limit the stray bullets and control the rebounds,” Collet said. “We did not     succeed. We also missed too many open shots. Some of the shots we missed were because the defense     of Team USA …

Sometimes they will even help in the circle and they still come back as soon as the ball (arrives) on the     shooters. It’s very impressive. But I think today we also missed at least 10 three-point shots that were really     open and were good choices. If they had been returned, it would have helped us to stay in the game, but it     did not happen.”

Maybe next time. Maybe next time.