Tony Parker consults with French athlete on wearing goggles

By Quixem Ramirez

In the midst of an elongated slump, Tony Parker consulted with Cleopatra Darleux, who will also represent France in London and, most importantly, has experience wearing goggles in athletic competition.

Darleux has the track record to prove it; she earned two silver medals in team handball as the goalkeeper at the 2009 and 2011 Women’s World Championships.

Parker has made an abysmal 26% of his attempts prior to the Olympics as the transition hasn’t been as seamless as France would hope. His goggles haven’t allowed him to use his elite speed in an efficient manner, where it could be used as a tool to break down half-court defenses and create extra transition opportunities.

Darleux reaffirmed Parker that playing with goggles aren’t easy.

“We must wipe them all the time and it’s not easy to play with,” Darleux said. “They decrease … my field     of vision … We do not (play) with our best abilities. It is more comfortable without. But I could not quantify     the disability.”

Darleux experienced a transition period as well before finding the proper eye ware. She suggested a brand that was successful for her, lotion to prevent the “fog” that accumulates on the goggles over time and added that the transition can be “embarrassing.”

However you spin it, it’s more preferable to take the proper precautions rather than risking further injury for the sake of comfort. Even if it’s a bit embarrassing.

“I’ve got to adapt,” Parker said. “It’s not easy. That’s why I’m not very skillful at this time.”

It’s not easy. But it’s necessary.


Photo courtesy of TMZ