De Colo playing well in France, gaining confidence

By Quixem Ramirez

Nando De Colo, who recently inked a deal worth around $3 million with the Spurs, has played remarkably well for France, proving that he could be an effective combo-guard for San Antonio this season.

In their most recent win over Brazil, De Colo showed an acute knowledge of passing lanes on defense while scoring and distributing to his teammates on offense. De Colo compiled 13 points, four assists and three steals in the fourth quarter, including a critical theft which essentially put the game away (which can be seen on video in glorious slow motion below).

It was the kind of performance that can jump start his confidence. That’s something he’ll need to survive his first season with Gregg Popovich.

“It’s always important to win for the personal confidence, but also for the fans and most importantly, to     win as we have done is even more praiseworthy,” De Colo said. “We had the mind and the ability to raise     the level of play … we’ll try to put everything in place to try to get all the points positive in the same match. ”

Whether De Colo builds on his success or succumbs to the pressure will be something to watch in London. How valuable do you think De Colo will be this season, Spurs fans?

Passe décisive Nando De Colo, France-Brésil…



Photo courtesy of Project Spurs