Tony Parker won’t let injury deter him, cant “think of risks”

By Quixem Ramirez

Mar 4, 2011; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker (9) drives against Miami Heat guard Mike Bibby (0) during the first half at the AT

It’s justifiable if you are a little uneasy about Tony Parker engaging in Olympic play. Parker nearly lost his left eye in a freak accident so the utmost precautions should be made. Playing in the Olympics is important to Parker but, from the Spurs’ perspective, his health is even more imperative.

Parker understands this, hence why he’ll play with glasses that make him feel “weird”. He also understands that his success stems from his aggressiveness.

If Parker plays tentatively, he won’t be nearly as effective. And, despite the risk, Parker won’t allow himself to be rendered of his most equitable trait — his shot creating. He’s chosen to, simply, play his game instead of deviating.

“It is true that until then I was off pace, but here, tonight, it was better, I was aggressive. I must find my     feelings, I used to play with my glasses, that’s a lot of things at once. The glasses on the throw line, it     makes me weird, I do not know if I should keep them or remove them. In cons-attack, it’s weird too … I     must make myself (…) I can not think about the risks, I have to play my game Do not hesitate because this     is how you go take hits, so I prefer to be aggressive ”

With a depleted roster, Parker played his most impressive game to date in his preparation for the Olympic games. He totaled 17 points and 12 assists against Belarus, indicating that he’s slowly improving in time for international competition. France has struggled as of late but Parker’s quickness is an advantage that most teams don’t have.

But Parker also realizes that it will take time. The injury set back his timetable a couple of weeks. That leaves him with less time to rehabilitate.

“It will come. It’s true that my outside shooting is not yet super effective. I took a lot of open shots, but     otherwise I’ve been pretty aggressive. I also found my teammates for baskets. I must continue to be     aggressive and it will come.”‘

It will come. And opposing defenses need to brace themselves.

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