Tuesday Media Links: Trade Deadline Edition

By Quixem Ramirez

It’s Tuesday morning and it’s perfectly natural to get behind on everyone’s favorite league, the NBA. Just in case you have actual lives and don’t enjoy sitting in a dimly lit room for 10 hours a day watching basketball, we’re here to help you out with media links from the past week. (Editor’s note: I’m sorry for the 48 hour delay but Fansided was sorting out some technical issues but now we are good to go. Enjoy.)

— Why should you pity perennial “figthers” like the Houston Rockets?

— Because of schedule constraints, there will be NBA basketball on the day of the NCAA National Championship.

— David Aldridge’s must read Morning Tip covers the Trade Deadline extensively.

— Jared Dubin will be digging through clutch statistics for a different superstar every week. This week, he tackles on the notoriously amazing clutch player (not in my opinion), Kobe Bryant.

— Edg5 from Pounding the Rock is here to rain on your Stephen Jackson parade.

— The Trade Deadline is officially over but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for next year.

— Tim Griffin from Spurs Nation explains why the Stephen Jackson trade makes the Spurs immediately better.

Don’t cross the swags.

— Curtis Harris of Hardwood Paroxysm provides a detailed look at the 1962 NBA season and, more specifically, Jerry West and Sam Jones.

— Buck Harvey compares Tim Duncan’s free agency route with Dwight Howard’s.

— John Hollinger has analyzed every single trade for your insatiable appetite (Insider access required).

— This is a little late but it’s still an interesting look at the Spurs double-staggered ball screens utilized in their 96-89 loss against the Chicago Bulls on Feb. 29.

— Aaron McGuire of Gothic Ginobili has an interesting piece titled “A Brief History of Rolling the Dice.”

— Michael Pina of Hoopsspeak explains why LeBron James should win the Defensive Player of the Year award.

— sambunnell of Pounding the Rock analyzes intriguing second-round prospect, Mike Scott.

— Spursfansteve from Pounding the Rock uses the mathematical formula, PEMDAS, and explains why Stephen Jackson fits the Spurs championship formula.

— I wrote a couple of pieces on the NBA Trade Deadline for Pounding the Rock. Here’s my Western Conference review.

— And here’s my Eastern Conference review.

— J.R. Wilco and silverandblack_davis from Pounding the Rock engage in a debate over the Stephen Jackson trade.

What if Tim Duncan left for the Magic and the Spurs drafted Dwight Howard?

Did Bron backlash affect Dwight’s decision?