Sunday Media Links: MIT Sloan Sports Conference Edition

By Quixem Ramirez

It’s Sunday morning and it’s perfectly natural to get behind on everyone’s favorite league, the NBA. Just in case you have actual lives and don’t enjoy sitting in a dimly lit room for 10 hours a day watching basketball, we’re here to help you out with media links from the past week. (Editor’s note: the MIT Sloan Sports Conference was held last week so a majority of the links pertain to advanced statistics and their increased usage in the past few years. Really interesting stuff. Enjoy.)

— Jim Cavan attempts to use Muthu Alagappan’s analysis of arbitrary positions to find the solution for winning.

Everything you know about basketball is wrong.

Spatial analysis will blow your mind.

— Edg5 explains the “positional revolution” and how it applies to the Spurs.

— Can a coach be analytically cognizant and player-savvy, simultaneously?

— Tom Haberstroh finds many similarities between baseball and basketball which usually aren’t analogous with each other.

— Buck Harvey thinks Tim Duncan won’t have to deal with leaving a franchise he built like Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

— Ian Levy delves into the value of corresponding skill sets.

— Have you ever wondered who the fastest point guard is?

— Eddy Rivera explains why “playoff experience” is completely irrelevant in the playoffs.

— Bill Simmons comes out with his extensive NBA Trade Value column and defines Jeremy Lin’s trade value once and for all. As a fanatical basketball fan that loves the Trade Machine irrationally, this post is really fun to read.

— Here is Part 2 of his Trade Value column. Sadly, Richard Jefferson didn’t make the cut.

— Simmons hosted a gigantic and interesting BS Report segment with Eric Mangini, Daryl Morey, Mark Cuban, Bill James and Jeff Van Gundy.

What will the life of an aging NBA superstar be like 10 years from now?

— Can sleep actually affect the performance of NBA players?

— In my article on Pounding the Rock, I examine whether Emeka Okafor would make a nice addition for the Spurs.

— Matthew Tynan from Pounding the Rock wonders if the Spurs will actually make a trade this year.

— Jared Wade offers the cure for tanking.

— Charlie Widdoes explains why “competitive teams” struggle in building legitimate title contenders.

— Do you remember the scrawny, fast-as-hell, no jumpshot Tony Parker? My has he changed dramatically.