Will Boris Diaw fit on the Spurs?

By Quixem Ramirez

The NBA trade deadline is on Mar. 15. But, as usual, the methodical Spurs front office doesn’t seem poised to make any moves other than shipping shooting guard James Anderson for a second round pick or potential laden big man.

Enter Boris Diaw. The 6’8″ power forward doesn’t seem content with the Charlotte Bobcats organization and has requested to be bought out. Diaw raises some intrigue among Spurs fans because of his connection with French point guard Tony Parker.

But would he be a good fit?

As we all know, the Spurs frontcourt is our most prevalent need. Diaw wouldn’t solve that problem. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be of any value.

Offensively, Diaw isn’t the most efficient player. His field goal percentage and three-point percentage are mediocre. But, as a passer, Diaw excels. Diaw’s 41.8 assist rate is first among power forwards. His assist rate is higher than established point guards Stephen Curry and Deron Williams. He struggles with turnovers (21.8 turnover rate) but, maybe, he’ll lower his turnovers because of the Spurs philosophy that every possession matters.

Defensively is another story. Diaw’s bulky frame prevents him from guarding small forwards and he doesn’t have the length to legitimately guard power forwards and centers. He’s not an upgrade over DeJuan Blair and Matt Bonner. And that isn’t a good thing.

The Spurs do need someone, though, and maybe Diaw will be that guy.

So, Spurs fans, would you like to see Diaw in a Spurs uniform? Or are his deficincies — turnovers, shooting percentage and defense — too big to ignore?