Sunday media links

By Quixem Ramirez

It’s Sunday morning and it’s perfectly natural to get behind on everyone’s favorite league, the NBA. Just in case you have actual lives and don’t enjoy sitting in a dimly lit room for 10 hours a day watching basketball, we’re here to help you out with media links from the past week.

— Henry Abott explains that the future of stats is game tape.

— Derrick Rose is not a typical superstar.

— I will always remember the infamous “Malice at the Palace” game. I was ten years old and, as the scene slowly unfolded, I had no idea what I was watching or the implications of the event. If you don’t remember the game as vividly as I do, Jonathan Abrams penned a brilliant oral history of the event for your enjoyment.

— The Spurs actually have gotten some respect!

— Jared Dubin thinks the Knicks need to start getting creative with Carmelo Anthony.

— Here’s your obligatory Jeremy Lin link of the week.

— I’m still not a complete believer in Gary Neal’s ability to play point, but Edg5 from Pounding the Rock sets me straight.

Does the title of “All-Star” really mean anything anymore?

— Josh Guyer from Pounding the Rock explains why Gregg Popovich saved Richard Jefferson’s career.

— Curtis Harris puts Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game into context: It was pure Wilt Chamberlain.

— Zach Harper on Rick Carlisle: “Carlisle’s view toward the season seems very Popovichian.”

— John Hollinger delves into the question, is LeBron James having the greatest season ever? (ESPN insider access required).

— No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving is being tasked with the immense pressure of following LeBron.

— In this in depth feature, Jason King explains that Perry Jones III does not deserve the “soft” label.

— The NBA D-League isn’t completing it’s objective: developing NBA level talent.

— Zach Lowe answers the question, is Golden State really interested in acquiring Dwight Howard before the trade deadline?

— Rob Mahoney believes the Oklahoma City Thunder’s secret weapon does not have anything in common with Kevin Durant, James Harden or Russell Westbrook.

“I can make up something if you want,” says Popovich.

— Kevin Pelton explains his love for basketball and advanced statistics.

— Augusto Lima is an interesting Brazilian prospect that the Spurs should look into.

— Wayne Vore of The Big Fundamental coins a new stat and uses it as proof that, despite his nearly identical minutes per game, Tim Duncan is playing too much.