Jan 8: Spurs are 6-3

By FanSided Staff

The road sucks. Home is so safe and warm and full of open jumpers. The funny thing is that I don’t think we played poorly. The difference in this game was the difference between a young Kevin Durant and an old Tim Duncan. It was the difference between a Danny Green-led fast break and a KD-to-Westbrook one.

OKC is younger, more talented, and at home. It didn’t matter that they were on their third in three, and we on our second in two (including fifth in seven days).

Also, Danny Green didn’t score 24 points tonight. In fact, as I type this he had zero and the Spurs are down by 19 with 4:19 in the fourth quarter. It shows you how big the leap is from Good Night As Role Player to Consistent Performer.

Gary Neal conintued his run of imppressiveness. The guy is a shooter and I love me a shooter. I wonder how much he has influenced Richard Jefferson’s newly evident attack mode. RJ’s hesitation was excused away these last couple years by noting the unfamiliarity and later the ill-fit for his game. Now? Well it seems that he has adjusted to the role he is asked to play (by shooting a shit-ton of shots from the corner and all it’s variations) and displaying a crazy confidence in his game. Gary can shoot and shoot well. He displays no hesitation wen he has an open shot because, well, he knows he is gonna make it.

RJ is doing the same thing. Whatever the reason, I like it.

It didn’t do us much good tonight, but it I still like it.

You know what bothers me the most about this game? We  got handled in pretty easy fashion. Remember when we used to handle teams like that? It just reminds me of the small margin of error we have to win this title, yo.

That is still the goal, right?

I don’t know anymore.

Maybe it is just because it is Sunday night and my PS3 died on me and I’m feeling a little sore. Maybe because we no longer have a top 10 player in the NBA anymore and I’d really like it if Kevin Durant was balling for San Antonio. Guess I know what Utah felt like near the end of the Stockton-to-Malone era.

Can’t dwell on that right now though. We have Milwaukee on Tuesday night and even though they are pretty terrible, they are young and we always have trouble with those Bucks.

Go Spurs Go.