Nuggets in Town: Jan 7, 2012 Preview

By FanSided Staff

The ugly part of the NBA is one of the coolest things. Even with the lockout-shortened season there are still a ton of games. This one is already feeling like just another game where they are coming fast and furiously.

There is no shame in admitting you probably will be watching the Saints and Lions tonight. It is all good. We played exceedingly well against two teams with some flaws. Golden State is still learning to play defense and Steph Curry had an injury of his own. Dallas is still hungover and missing the heart of their championship squad. Dirk is out of shape, too.

We can only be somewhat excited about our wins. Still, be excited. Wins are wins no matter how you get them. We are learning how to win ugly — with junked together starting lineups and rotations and lots of manufacturing scoring. We don’t need to rely on a different guy to get us 40 to win –instead we rely on shooters to light it up. I’ll take it. When we start dropping home games that is when I’ll worry. Similarly, when we start winning road games consistently, that is when I’ll be jumping up and down.

I hate to sound cynical like Randy Quaid in Major League II. “They’ll just blow it in the playoffs.”

No, I’m just an experienced fan. I know when a team is playing well and when they are just riding a hot shooting streak. I know when a team is kicking ass and when they are just playing an opponent who is laying down and giving up.

This Nuggets team is pretty good. They play hard and Nene is going to be a real test for Tiago Splitter tonight. I’m still expecting more excellent play from the “role” players like Bonner, TJ, Danny Green etc because we are still at home.

When we play OKC on Sunday less than 24-hours after, that I will be interested. Oh, yeah and then we travel to Milwaukee to play the Bucks on Tuesday night. Ugh.

Go Spurs Go.