Jan 7 2012: Spurs are 6-2

By FanSided Staff

So Danny Green, huh?

That is what I’m talking about, yo. He had 24 points in this old-school looking game. It was an old ABA-style game with seven players in double figures. Give me more of this, please. I’ve been skeptical of these three games sans-Gino. Golden State is learning defense, Dallas has no desire, and tonight? Well Denver was without Nene.

I suppose it doesn’t even matter mentioning who is on what kind of multi-game in multi-nights. This wasn’t as big a game as it would have been but regular season basketball is all about getting wins however you can.

The most important stat is that we are six wins to the good and only two wins to the bad. Tomorrow we’ll face an Oklahoma City team that squeaked out a win against Houston tonight.

OKC is young and talented … but so are we …?

Yeah. Danny Green has always had potential. Tonight he turned some of that into kinetic scoring, yo. Maybe Denver was terrible on defense and a little off without their best player, but they are good. TJ Ford was dishing the rock. Everyone contributed and Timmy got rest. He’ll need it to battle against Kendrick Perkins tomorrow.

This is good stuff.

The other story? Richard Jefferson.

Something makes me thing that this may not be the early season fluke that he displayed last season. He looks aggressive. He looks like the dude that we traded for a couple years ago. Like I said at the beginning of the season, I take these games one at a time and for what they are. I don’t expect more or less. I take whatever RJ gives us.

Tonight? That was 19 points and 5/8 from three and a sweet-ass block-and-three that is the highlight of the night.

Tomorrow night I don’t expect that. I’ll be looking at Tony Parker to take on the scoring. The road is a different animal and shooters start to miss. Role players start to get scared and make mistakes. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I’ll go ahead and admit that I am a lot more excited about everything. Probably more than I should be. For that, I’ll thank Danny Green and Richard Jefferson.

Go Spurs Go.