Jan 5: Spurs are 5-2

By FanSided Staff

Not gonna lie, folks. I started writing this at the beginning of the second half. These last two games against the Warriors and Mavericks were pretty anti-climactic. We didn’t really learn much about what this team will be  sans-Ginobili.

The talk is and will be about the guys who stepped up in his absence. James Anderson only brought five points against Golden State and so was rewarded with like five seconds of playing time against the Mavericks. The story instead was the hot shooting from three. We know we can do that. Last season we rode that to the co-best record in the association. The Spurs shot 10 of 17 in the first game and 16 of 33 in the second … both at HOME.

Gary Neal looked aggressive, Richard Jefferson was Early Season Richard (means he plays well and doesn’t drift). Matt Bonner was killing it from three etc etc.

I’d love to be head over heels for this stuff. Last season jaded me some. We know we can do this stuff all season long and impress the n00bs with our crazy stat lines. We still are in the oft-mentioned WINDOW OF CHAMPIONSHIP OPPORTUNITY because Tim is still playing and we are not REBUILDING.

So yeah. I love seeing the Mavericks get stomped in San Antonio. I’d love it even more if we did it at the AAC next time. Right now though? I’m taking it for what it was: An good showing from the role players.

We can ride that every now and then. Just don’t get mad when they don’t do this on the road Sunday in Oklahoma coming off the game against Denver the night previous.

Go Spurs Go.