Jan 2: Spurs are 3-2

By FanSided Staff

This night is all about Emmanuel Ginobili. He fractured his pinky and will be out around 4-6 weeks. Depending on when you start the count, he will miss something like 20 games. I’ll give you a moment to freak out.

Done? Okay. It sucks. Manu is more than just a guy on this team. He creates and makes the Spurs’ system less reliant on execution. He is the magic on this team. Whereas Tony Parker can break down the defense, he doesn’t have the game breaking range that Manu has.

Guys will need to step up. Gary Neal is expected to be recalled sooner than originally planned. Danny Green will be getting more minutes. James Anderson –the guy everyone is high on — will not only have room to do his thing, but will be relied upon to do so.

The thing about all this though?

We were getting our asses kicked already. Minnesota is better –not quite there yet –but they are much better than the team that lost all those games last year. Ricky Rubio is a baller. Kevin Love is a skinny three-point shootin’ baller.

Manu Ginobili wasn’t gonna drop the Wolves’ shooting percentage down twenty digits. We have problems deeper than one guy. This one can’t be explained away like the Houston game. That was the second of a back-to-back. This? We had a day between games and they just got done with Dallas the night before.

This was a bad bad day.