Dec 29: Spurs are 2-1

By FanSided Staff

It was coming. We always knew the hectic pace would render an otherwise decent squad a pitiful ghost of itself. The Rockets looked awesome in manhandling our Spurs. Noted enemy of SA, Goran Drajic worked his magic to a few frustratingly nice buckets and Luis Scola showed us that the Spurs front office can make a huge error. Interestingly, in TNT Ian Mahinmi was getting good minutes on the Mavericks. He’s another puzzling cut we made.

I figured we’d be terrible last night so it wasn’t a huge shock that they getting smacked in the mouth. The pain came from the knowledge that our big man shortage could have been already handled. Both 48minutes of Hell and Basketbawful bring up good points from slightly different perspectives (I’ll let you figure out which one is more optimistic).

I’ll let those stand in asthe Optimist and Pessimist takes on the game today.

Really though, how troubled should we be by the loss? Like Pop said, it was a good time to squeeze in some training for this still-longish season. A 66-game season is only 16 less than a full one. It is disconcerting to see the loss in action, though. I realized I still harbored some belief that we’d not be troubled by our lack of frontline depth and that the back-to-backs wouldn’t REALLY affect us.

So the disappointment is mine to endure. It could be worse, we could be those Mavericks who let one slip away after nearly stealing an always-valuable road win from the Thunder. I heard Steven A Smith mention that they miss Tyson Chandler a lot more that I originally thought. He retold the story of Tyson letting Dallas know what he though of them when he was a Hornet and Bull. “Everyone thinks you’re punks and that you’re soft.” Who is  going to do that for them now? Vince Carter? LOL.

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