Pre-Season: Houston 101 Spurs 87

By FanSided Staff

Let me tell you something: I can’t wait for the regular season to start.

This was pretty terrible.

Houston won 101-87 at home in the first of two pre-season match ups. Timmy and Tony sat. It was ugly for a while but there were some bright spots.

Let’s just randomly talk about it, k?

Corey Joseph: He did some nice things. I don’t know how excited to get about this. We’ve seen a ton of point guards do nice things in a regular season games. Hell, Antonio Daniels did nice things for a whole season before wilting in the bright lights of the Staples Center.

Still I like what I saw.

TJ Ford: He looks comfortable playing point guard, which is good. George Hill never looked comfortable with his role. Pop had him doing a lot of things from the very beginning –learning to play defense, learning the complicated offense, adjusting to the league. TJ is a veteran, and can run a team. He isn’t an all-star or anything but has been in the spotlight in college and played in some relatively big games. I like it.

He really will be a nice addition just because there shouldn’t be a tremendous dropoff from Tony in terms of style. TJ is still relatively quick and fast and is a streaky shooter –like TP.

Kawhi Leonard: I only saw a few minutes of him play, admittedly. He looked really smooth out there. There is no doubt that he has some talent and will face a steep curve this season.

Novak: Looked Novakian ‘cept for missing threes.

Everone else: DeJuan Blair is concerning. He didn’t look like the Beast that started out the year in 2010, but it was only the first pre-season game. He’s talked a lot about getting his head right and returning to form. We’ll see about that. He had nice stats that box-score fans will point to but I wasn’t sold on his performance. To be fair, it was the first game.

See you at the scrimmage on Monday. It’s free!