TJ Ford to Sign With Spurs

By FanSided Staff

The rumor was floating around twitter tonight that TJ Ford, former Longhorn, Buck, Raptor and Pacer was going to sign here for the veteran’s minimum. Seems like it is fairly certain, no?

Yep. I like the move. Back up point guard has been a problem for a while. George Hill, was kinda shoe-horned into the position and felt much more comfortable at the off-guard spot. Not only does TJ play the position, he plays it with a similar style. He doesn’t have the same quickness he did when he was a rookie but he isn’t slow either. I’ve always thought of him as what Tony Parker would have been had he not gotten Spurs coaching.

The former T-Shirt Longhorn in me likes the move because he was the guy that ignited Texas back when Rick Barnes signed him. He paved the way for guys like LaMarcus Aldridge, Boobie Gibson, and of course, Kevin Durant.

The big question is if TJ can repair his reputation on the court. He fell out of favor in Indiana but there is speculation that it may have been Jim O’Brien to blame for most of that.

It won’t cost Peter Holt much to see. Caron Butler, if he chooses San Antonio over Chicago (reportedly).

I’ve heard that he may be looking for money only and also that he is looking to win something. I figure even though the guy “won” a ring with Dallas, he likely would want to be on the court for it instead of in a suit behind the bench.