Oldie But a Goodie: NBA Financial Data by Forbes

By FanSided Staff

via the NYT’s Nate Silver:

Instead, independent estimates of the N.B.A. financial condition reflect a league that has grown at a somewhat tepid rate compared to other sports, and which has an uneven distribution of revenues between teams — but which is fundamentally a healthy and profitable business. In addition, it is not clear that growth in player salaries, which has been modest compared to other sports and which is strictly pegged to league revenue, is responsible for the league’s difficulties.

Well, then. It surely is an interesting read. Of note: The fact that some NBA teams may in fact be  losing money but the overall operation is profitable. Seems to me that this is something the owners could work out among themselves instead of looking for concessions from players. They didn’t all become multi-millionaires for being noble, they did so by being shrewd business men.

That leaves us here. Still locked out.