Hour Eleven, Still Locked Out

By FanSided Staff

Hour eleven.

Or something like that . They are hammering out the “system” stuff. That means they are working on the luxury tax, how hard the cap will be and how long mid-level exceptions will be for well, guys who get those types of contracts.

Funny thing is that if the owners get the stuff they want, it is ostensibly beneficial to the Spurs organization. Peter Holt is famously poor by NBA owner standards. Restricting the market for players puts the his Silver and Black in a much better position to get free agents for decent prices.

Wait. Don’t we already do that?


If you want to know where Air Alamo stands, well, now you know. As a pivotal member of many a small business I can certainly appreciate the position of the owner. However, comparing Mikhail Prokhorov to Tom of Tom’s Dry Cleaning is like comparing Metallica to [insert college act at your local bar here]. Sure they may look the same but they have different needs. I don’t begrudge anyone from making a buck on their assets. Nay, I begrudge those who pull my favorite product because they want to pay the factory workers less.

This lockout was begun by the owners. I blame them. Simple, huh?

Well, no. Simplifying the argument into This Side Wants This and This Side Wants That is dumb because the whole business is much much more complicated than that. Some owners won’t hurt either way and some other will. Some players are going to make gobs of money no matter what and some are going to have shorter careers and less cash (and might have to move overseas). The players have to take a deal that will likely last beyond their careers and so have much more to lose in the short term.

They are working on that

Still developing.