George Hill Didn’t Take Trade News Well

By mrehome

I still am in shock that George Hill was traded away to the Indiana Pacers on lastnight during the NBA Draft.  I am not sure what the whole plan was or is for the Spurs but I do not like that they traded Hill.

He as well as his good friend DeJuan Blair didn’t take the news well.

Hill wasn’t happy to be the player traded to get him, and his pal, DeJuan Blair, was downright angry.

Selected in back-to-back drafts by a team that was older than dirt, Hill and Blair quickly became best buddies.

They hung out together, did commercials for a local business and created their own nicknames, “Big and Smalls.” The joke, of course, was that Hill, the 6-foot-2 guard, was “Big.” Blair, all 6-7 and 270 pounds, was “Smalls.”

Their goal, said Blair, was to become the “faces of the franchise” once Tim DuncanManu Ginobili and Tony Parker were done playing.

Blair’s faces after Thursday’s draft?

Five angry red faces sent to his Twitter followers.

The fact Hill was traded to the team that plays in his hometown was no consolation. One of the most affable of Spurs was not up to speaking to the reporters he always accommodated, win or lose, hero or goat.

“He is real emotional right now,” said his agent, Michael Whitacre.

Trading Hill wasn’t easy for Gregg Popovich and Buford, either. The GM called Thursday “one of the most difficult nights in Spurs history since we’ve been here.”