Game Four is Really Important

By FanSided Staff

I’m pretty sure, we all knew that, but I wanted to get my thesis out of the way up front.

In my opinion, if the Spurs want to survive this series, their road to Second Round starts tonight.  We’ve all seen this show before against the Nuggets, Kings, and Sonics and the Spurs in each of those instances pulled the win out, but if they go down 3-1 to this Grizz team, I think we can all start to sound the alarm.

Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t say that the Spurs have played poorly these last three games, but I wouldn’t say they’ve played well either.  At this point, I’m not sure if they will find the next gear that they need.  I sure hope they do, because I’m pretty sure that I can’t take another Spurs off-season that starts before June.

Here’s what the Spurs need to do to get this series even:

  • Avoid three’s from anywhere other than the corner.  The Spurs are shooting an awesome 47% from the corners, but only 24% from everywhere else beyond the arc.
  • Stop taking shots inside the key, but outside of the restricted area.  The Spurs are shooting 62% inside the restricted area, but only 18% elsewhere in the paint.  What up with that?
  • Pass the ball
  • Protect the ball
  • Rebound the ball
  • Call a damn timeout when one is needed