The Truth About Manu Ginobili

By FanSided Staff

He can drive 55, but is legally required not to.

He can find a needle in a haystack using only his mind. (That’s telekinesis Kyle.)

Even his sperm is adapt a two-for-ones.

He can touch this.

He’s not losing his hair, but donating them one-by-one as part of a humanitarian endeavor.  You see, his hair can cure cancer, leprosy, Bell’s Palsy, and irritable bowel syndrome.

He wasn’t born, but forged of molten iron and  a mixture of his parent’s blood.

He knows where Jimmy Hoffa is.

Several Argentinean tangos have been inspired by his career.

His laughter truly is the best medicine.

He once beat a horse in a 40 yard dash.

His sweat evaporates before it hits the ground.

He routinely sneezes with his eyes wide open.

If he were to write a book, it would out sell the Bible in two weeks.

He once “euro-stepped” his way across the Pampas.


He once made Gregg Popovich laugh so hard milk came out his nose…and he wasn’t even drinking milk.