My guess: February 18th

By FanSided Staff

As we all know, a case of the DOOMZ struck on Sunday with Tony Parker going down with an injured calf muscle. The official release says that we should expect him to be out two to four weeks, but there are some promising whispers that it might be sooner than that.

I’ve taken a look at the upcoming schedule and it seems that with the gap in games between the Heat on the 14th and the Mavs on the 18th, there just might be enough time for Pop to get a good look at Tony’s progress and decide he’s fit for action. Now, I doubt he’ll start on that fateful Friday, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him get at least some action. If in fact this does come to fruition, those few minutes he plays in Dallas should help the rest of the Funky Bunch the following night in Charlotte.

Before I leave, I’m going to grant myself a fallback position and say, that if it isn’t the 18th the next time we see TP9, it won’t be any later than the 31st. [ED. – Wow Brad, you sure know how to give yourself leeway)