Hello Again: NBA Bullets

By FanSided Staff

Honestly, I just finished my exams, and was too busy watching the Super Bowl over the weekend, to catch the Spurs play. With that in mind however, here are some of my quick thoughts for the Spurs and the NBA in general.

–          While I didn’t catch the game with the Kings on Friday night, I did manage to catch up on a couple of things from the game. First; Welcome to the NBA Mr. Splitter.. Our smooth-shooting Brazilian friend scored the second highest point total of his young NBA career, contributing 16 points on a deathly efficient 7/8 shooting, in a season-high 28 minutes of playing time! The 6-11 Splitter also grabbed 9 rebounds, bringing him close to his first career double-double! Despite the optimism, the fact remains that Mr. Splitter will most likely be a role player on any theoretical/potential championship run by the Spurs; seeing bit minutes at the end of blowouts if there are any. But his development during games like this 113-100 blowout (final score closer than game) and others like is key to the future, and/or this season if god forbid Timmy/Blair/Antonio get into foul trouble down the stretch

–          The other interesting thing from Friday night came in terms of Timmy D’s playing time. He played just 13 minutes in the game on Saturday (with 12 points on 6-7 shooting). To put that in perspective, the last time Timmy played 13 or fewer minutes in a game in which he actually played (IE: no DNP) was way back in December of 2007.

–          Well congratulations Cleveland Cavaliers and Daniel Gilbert. Mr. Gilbert’s little rant ensured that no quality free agent will come and play on his team. But his team has finally overshadowed the Lebacle, losing a record 25th straight game tonight to the Dallas Fighting Dirks 99-96 despite Dirk scoring just 12. How bad were the Cavs; they got a total of 11 points from their bench (10 fouls though- clap…clap), the same as Ian Mahinimi. That’s right, Cleveland’s bench = Ian Mahinimi. The Cavs were so bad tonight that they somehow resurrected Peja Stojakovic from the dead, letting him score 8 points.

–          How did the two best big men to come into the league since Timmy end up in such crappy situations? Blake is in Clipper-Land- which is a veritable hornets-nest which Spurs fans must never speak of. And Dwight, while he isn’t in as pathetic of a place (and they win games but not much of substance), got dumped on the one team that isn’t going to feature him in their offense. Gilbert Arenas is taking 8 shots a game, Gilbert Arenas he of the 32% from the floor since being traded to Orlando… Nuff Said.