Game #42 Preview: Spurs vs Raptors

By mrehome

We want to see more Splitter! He should get a lot of PT tonight.

What can anyone say about the San Antonio Spurs this season.  They have been playing some great basketball and to many peoples surprise they have the best record in the NBA.  I know the fans in San Antonio are not surprised about the outcome thus far, halfway through the season now are we?

Tonight the Spurs look to snag win number seven in a row as they face a depleted, and yet horrible, Toronto Raptors ball club.

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Really not much to say about the Raptors.  They are a team that is hurting, litterally.  Four out of their eleven players that they are bringing into San Antonio are either hurt or going to be out.  The Spurs Matt Bonner whom missed the game Sunday verse the Denver Nuggets may be on the side in a nice suit for tonight’s match-up.  What does that mean?


Tiago played just under 15 minutes against the Nuggets, though he scored just six points, fans in San Antonio want to see more of the hype that was going on during the off-season in getting this guy over here.

I see Tiago getting a lot more PT against the Raptors tonight.

Tony Parker is coming off of a 30 point outburst against the Nuggets and should have his way against Jose Calderon.  Raptors do have DeMar Derozan and he is an explosive player, but that is the only guy they have.

This was a team that had the likes of Vince Carter and Hedo Turkoglu, and our own Matt Bonner must I add, now they are just a walking block for the rest of the NBA.

I for one won’t take this team for granite.  The teams that are not so good, we tend to take lightly and then we see ourselves in a dog fight trying to get out of it, or barely coming out with a win.

If things go the way most see it, the starters should get some rest tonight, I don’t see Tony and the rest of the guys playing long minutes.  Which could mean some mop up time for the bench, and we do have one of the best in the league so this could be a really rough night for the Raptors.

Go Spurs Go!