NBA Playbook: Beautiful Play By Pop Puts Game Away

By mrehome

If you guys haven’t checked this site out you need to, NBA Playbook on the ESPN Truehoop Network.   As the title of the site states, Sebastian Pruiti does a remarkable job telustrating if you will some of the key plays of NBA games.

Gregg Popovich is widely considered one of the best coaches in the NBA, and there is no question that he deserves that type of praise.  Last night, against the Milwaukee Bucks, he added yet another fantastic play call to the resume.  Up three with 1:30 left in the game, the Spurs had the ball on the side.

Head on over to the site to check out his post on the San Antonio Spurs and Milwaukee Bucks game from Wednesday night that he felt sealed it for the Spurs.

Here is the play in action: