Hi Guys…. It’s Vinay

By FanSided Staff

Hi there guys, as you may have noticed with the past few posts, there’s a new sheriff in town… me… So…

My name is Vinay Bhaskara.. I’m 16 years old and I live in New Jersey, but I spent most of my life in Austin, Texas. I’m a huge basketball fan, both college and NBA, and the Spurs are my team (My formative basketball experience was probably watching the Spurs at the SBC Center 7 times in the playoffs in 02-03, including 2 Finals games). I also do play basketball and tennis for my school, but am not a world beater in either sport. I’m a pretty big general sports fan as well.  I’ll watch any University of Texas Athletic Competition (I once sat through a 2 hour swim meet on ESPNU). I love watching the NFL but I don’t really have a team there (I kind of just root for Longhorn guys), and I follow the MLB and the ATP to a lesser extent as well. In terms of other interests, I’m a pretty big reader and I play the viola as well. However, my main non-athletic interest is airplanes, airlines, and aviation as a whole. That’s where the majority of my writing experience has come (besides the school newspaper of course). I’ve written on an internship for a magazine in Asia, did a 3 month stint writing for a professional blog on the topic, and currently have my own blog on the subject, which isn’t terribly well known, but does draw a decent readership, especially for an airlines blog. My other blog can be found at http://airserviceguru.wordpress.com/

That’s all for now, and get ready for some more stuff from me in the coming days….