Another Back to Back: Invading Boston

By mrehome

Really it can only get better right?   Lastnights loss to the New York Knicks was for me hard to watch.  Not only did we give up so many points, 128, we showed NO kind of defense.  We were trying our best to match them basket for basket.  By the way, the Knicks lead the league as the top scoring offense.


Sorry to bust the fans bubble but tonight is another test for us.  We invade Boston to take on, in my eyes, the best team in the Eastern Conference, yeah sorry Miami but….whatever!!

The Celtics already have the upper hand, why?  Well they do what the Spurs don’t.  Play defense!!

When you say the Spurs do not play defense that makes someone give that ugly beer face look, you know the one.  Spurs and defense always went together.  First thing someone thinks about when talking about San Antonio, no, no, not unfair, but defense and slow paced.  Now we have it as a more offensive team.

With lastnights loss, the Spurs still sit fourth in the league in scoring at 105 a game.  Boston is at 98.  But, But, Boston’s defense is tops in the league, giving up just 90 a game.

This is going to be another test and I didn’t like seeing our starters playing as much as they did lastnight even when we were trading baskets and the Knicks had more mojo then we did.  We need to come with more defense, duh, and give the Celtics a run for their money.  Besides they will be without the big ticket.