By FanSided Staff

Not too bad Spurs, not too bad.

My Holiday season was nice in its own right, but you guys made it better.

When we left you to fend for yourselves to find your Spurs news and commentary, things were looking good for Pop and Co., but now they are looking even better.  Since December 22nd the Spurs have faced some pretty solid competition and showed themselves quite capable over that period.  The guys over at 48 Minutes of Hell  mentioned that unless things went drastically one way or another that this two week period wouldn’t be too telling.  The results are quite in yet with New York and Boston looming on the horizon; but worse case scenario, the Spurs come out of this with a 5-3 split.  The Lakers on the other hand can at best be 4-4 over the same period.  In addition, both the Mavs and the Celtics are at .500, but the Celtics could finish the fortnight with the same split as the Spurs.  The real threats are Miami and Orlando.  These two teams could end up 7-1 over the split. 

Obviously, the Eastern teams don’t matter a heck of a lot right now, but how they fare just might end up affecting the Spurs come June so I’m taking a peek now. And now is a good time to peek as the Boys will be be facing Eastern Conference teams for the rest of the week.