Blake Clips the Spurs

By FanSided Staff

When I saw that Timmy D played almost 33 minutes against the Warriors on Tuesday, I got a bad feeling about facing the Clippers. The other thing that worried me was the 18 game win streak the Spurs had going over the lesser LA team, because sooner or later all good things must come to an end.

For that reason, I am also worried about the Chargers game against the Raiders this weekend. Not only is Philip Rivers 19-0 as a starter in the month of December, but they are 13-1 against the Raider Nation going back to 2003. Seems like a recipe for disaster

On a personal note, I’m pretty pissed off about this game. You see, I live is Southern California so I don’t get much chance to see the Spurs on TV (Oh sure, I could spring for League Pass, but I have kids that need food and clothes, and a mortgage to pay off). As such, I was eagerly looking forward to dialing up NBAtv to see the Silver-n-Black, so imagine my consternation when I hit 402 on my remote and was greeted by a message that the selected broadcast was not available in this region.


I don’t live close enough the LA that whether or not the Staples Center sells out should affect my TV viewing pleasure. F U David Stern and F her too!

I guess it is for the better because had I witnessed the epic 15 missed shot streak in the second quarter and/or Blake Griffin putting up a palindromic 31 -13 I might have pulled my 42” TV down on my head; and seeing as how it was a HanaRamaKwanamas gift a few years back from my lovely wife, I don’t think that would have been a wise move. Don’t want another bout of marital strife in the Spurs family…

Irregardless (deal with it) of the outcome last night, I’m not in a sour mood as a result. Playing back-to-backs is hard work, and every now and then even the best teams will succumb to a trap game every now and then. I am, however, a little worried about the number of minutes that Manu, Tim, and RJ logged.  I’d rather Pop had thrown in the towel and let them get some rest. I’m also worried about the slump Tony Parker has found himself in lately. With any luck , the upcoming six game home stand will allow him a chance to get his bearings back in order and return to some semblance of himself. Actually, the Spurs only have three remaining road games this month, so now would be a good time for him to get back on track, especially with the Lakers coming to town on December 28th.

Onward and upward to Friday night when Kevin Love and company are in town to try and better their effort from last month.