Game #10 Preview : Bulls at Spurs

By mrehome

Tonight our San Antonio Spurs look to have the best start in the Tim Duncan era.  It won’t be an easy test in my eyes as we play host to the Chicago Bulls and their athletic third year player, Derrick Rose.

The matchup between Rose and Parker will be a dandy to watch as two of the best at the point positition go head to head.

Being a Spurs fan I must come out of my shell and say that I like many others am a Bulls fan down under.  Way, way, way back in the day when a man by the name of Michael Jordan first came into the league as I was following him when he was at UNC.

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This isn’t going to be your usual preview from me.   This is going to be a game that I truly am going to enjoy watching, putting everything aside.

Two of my favorite teams in the NBA go head to head tonight on National TV, ESPN.  I want my Spurs to do well of course, besides right now they have the best record than the Lakers so that always makes us Spurs fans feel good.

Chicago I am drawn to Derrick Rose and his game.  The kid has speed.  If you blink, you might of missed something spectacular.

Yes he has some room of improvement but who doesn’t?

I am going to keep my eye on the match-up between Rose and Parker.  Tony’s game has come a long, long way.  From his rookie year when he looked to be a kid handed the starting point guard job and seemed to have no reason to be on the floor with the way he played to now being one of the best in the league.

He has proved year in and year out that he does work during the off-season on his game and proves it the following seasons.  His knack of getting to the basket and making opposing defenses shake their head and coaches pulling out their hair keeps me in awe everytime. I am just thankful that he hasn’t come down with an injury.  How many times has Parker hit the floor duing one game?  Anyone know?

I don’t but I know it isn’t just one or two.  He throws his body out there and I respect that and love seeing it.  His counterpart for tonights matchup Derrick Rose can change speeds in a second.  I have watched a few Bulls games this year and the kid can jump out of the gym.  Don’t believe me, check this out. Surely many have seen this before:

If you haven’t seen that then I am not sure where you been.  Now that you have your mouth wide open and on the floor, pick it up because I am sure we will be seeing some of that action tonight at the AT&T Center.

Game tips tonight on ESPN at 8:30 PM CST.

Should be a dandy.