Game #6:: Spurs 95, Bobcats 91

By mrehome


The San Antonio Spurs didn’t start strong but ended well.  The Bobcats kept the game against the Spurs pretty damn close.  Closer than I would of expected.  Going in I had my worries about this Bobcats team…..wait! What?

In case you didn’t know we have one of if not the oldest team in basketball and the Bobcats are young.  No need to sugar coat that.  We saw a glimpse of the youth during the game when it came down with the Tyrus Thomas jam in the second half.

Youth can also be on your downside playing against a veteran team like the Spurs.  In the game against the Houston Rockets we saw the Spurs fourth quarter woes.  This go around we came to play.

The play of Manu Ginobili whom led the team with 26 points and an up and coming fan favorite in Gary Neal these two simply put on a clinic from behind the arc.  Combined they hit 10 three pointers.  Neal came off the bench to play 14 minutes and ended with 15 points, all from hitting threes, three of which came in the final quarter.

I know many have stated and I have read around the net about Neal and what I am getting, the kid can play some ball.  He has proven that.  He is put into the game to score and he has done it.

Ginobili is being Ginobili.  Finding ways to score.  This year he seems to be the ‘go to’ for scoring option, and why not.  Though he does still do things that would make you want to pull your hair out but that is what we expect from him right?  He has been doing that since he came into the league.

Ginobili was asked about Neal and he responded:

“He’s been overseas for a few years and he’s a great shooter. He plays with a lot of confidence. We needed a player like that. When we draw up a play for him, he delivers. He’s been huge for us and gives us a lot off the bench.

San Antonio with the win has now won four straight.