French Kiss or Argentine Tango

By FanSided Staff

Here’s what I don’t get about Spurs fans, Manu for three years at $39mil is completely acceptable yet Tony Parker’s 4 year/ $50mil deal is bananas. Both deals average about the same per year, and both players have been integral to the success of the team over their respective careers.

I’ll be the first to say that Manu Ginobili is probably the single most entertaining player to watch in today’s NBA. His craftiness, unpredictable nature, and drive to win are what single him out as a fan favorite and most assuredly one of the best players of all time. He’s saved the Spurs’ collective asses more times that I can remember, and if you subtract him from the history of the Spurs in some sort of Ashton Kutcher “Butterfly Effect” kinda way I think you end up with three fewer championship banners hanging from the rafters.

If you take the time to read what fans have to say about Tony Parker – I wouldn’t recommend it as it could make you want to kill, as your trusted blogger I’ll save you the trouble – you’ll find a less flattering picture painted than the god-like one cast upon Manu.

Common statements you’ll find/ hear are “Tony Parker is selfish”, “Tony Parker needs to pass more”, or “Parker isn’t the point guard the Spurs need.” To that I say, “Hogwash.” Tony Parker is currently third on the Spurs’ all-time career assist chart; and if he maintains his career average of 5.7 assists per game over the next five seasons, he could easily have 1600 more assists that the current leader, one Mr. Avery Johnson. On top of that, his assist percentage is a respectable 31.5% which puts him in the top ten of all active players. He’s no John Stockton to be sure, but then again who is?

Now I ask you, how many Larry O’Briens would deck the Spurs trophy case if not for Tony Parker? I think you can easily take the 2007 and 2005 titles away if Tony hadn’t been on the team and I personally think the 2003 ‘ship would be unrealized as well if not for the contributions of Tony.

So please Spurs fans, take a step back from your anti-Tony bias and realize that we are watching one of the greatest players to ever don the Black-n-Silver and appreciate these next years we have with him at the helm. And don’t forget dude’s only 28 years old.

p.s I realize that not all of you dislike Tony, but whether you do or not, you know of whom I’m being critical of.