Do the Spurs have enough SPF?

By FanSided Staff

 When the schedule for this season came out back in August I wrote this piece about the various games of note that I found when looking at the docket. As part of that post I include the nugget in the block quotes below:

To my mind, we get to the first game of note about a week in, when the Spurs first face the foes that ousted them from the playoffs last season: the Phoenix Suns. This will give us our first chance at revenge, but also our first chance to see how the changes that both teams have made this off-season affect the match-ups.

Mr. Hill is out tonight, so the Spurs are going into this one a bit short-handed. Even still, Splitter, The new-and-improved Jefferson, Neal, and Anderson should give us enough gristle to chew on as we come back tomorrow for the post-mortem.

I’ll be interested in seeing if the dudes referenced enough have the umpf offensively to keep up with Steve Nash and his running mates, but also if they can handle the plethora of jump shooters that the Suns can put out on the floor defensively.

I expect a good game tonight, and I really hope the Spurs can pull it out. Without Amar’e and Amundson I think the Spurs match up much better, so we will see.