Looks like no one listened to me

By FanSided Staff

So I said yesterday that if they wanted to increase their chances of making the team that they needed to do last night. Did anyone listen to me? Heck, no…I guess I should be used to that by now since my kids pretty much ignore everything I tell them to do.

Alright so check this, with the execption of Blair playing time for the rest of the Spurs ranged from 15-26 minutes, and for those fighting to make the roster playing time maxed out at 24 minutes. I gotta tell you not a one of the six players I mentioned need to step up yesterday did. Now, I’m not a basketball player, but I do play one on TV (Wii, really), but were I in the shoes of any of these dudes I would have put the hustle on like you wouldn’t believe so that it would be imposssible for Pop to only play me 15-24 minutes.

I know that when you are talking about the end of the bench dudes you shouldn’t expect some sort of crazy explosion in stats, but come on!

I guess these next three games are gonna mean a whole lot!