NBA 2K11 Ratings : How We Fare

By mrehome

Virtual Pop talking to the team. Is that Bonner? He's not paying any attention.

I know that I am not the only one that sits for hours, hours in front of my tv with my PS3 on and playing video games……well not really hours my wife would kill me.  I am a video game junky.  Basketball wise there is only one company that I go for and that is 2K Sports.  On October 5th, 2K Sports will be releasing NBA 2K11 to the masses.

Game is going to be nasty! Anyways I have found some ratings the crew gave our Spurs.  Though this is only for the starters it still gives us a mind on what to look for.  Below is what they give our starters:

PG Tony Parker78SG George Hill —  76SF Richard Jefferson — 74PF Tim Duncan — 90 C Antonio McDyess — 68

I am sure they will be releasing team ratings in the next few days.  Your thoughts?