By FanSided Staff

In Chad Ford’s latest Insider piece over at ESPN, he gave the Spurs a C+ for their off-season efforts which means that they did slightly better than staying about the same on his grading scale. I don’t know, seems a tad low to me, but then of course I’m a bit of a homer.

Nah, that’s not it. The problem is that he gave both the Grizz and the Clipps B-minuses and to mind my they did flipping shit worth much of anything this off-season. The Grizz screwed the pooch with their two draft picks and overpaid for Rudy Gay, whereas the Clipps added some bench talent and cleared Mike Dunleavy out (actually, that was kinda nice).

Here’s a snippet of his write-up on the Spurs:

10. San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs continue to find ways to stay relevant even as their core continues to age…Fortunately the Spurs continue to add to their young core…the Spurs expect big things out of Splitter,..the hope is that he’ll be able to help the Spurs manage Duncan’s minutes better.

They are still not in the same league as the Lakers, Thunder, Blazers, Mavs [ED. Um, what about the drubbing the Spurs just handed them?] and Jazz right now, so they will need another big move or a big season from Splitter to get back in that elite company.

Grade: C+

I don’t know, what do you think?