Turkey Time: Brasil V. USA

By FanSided Staff

(subtitle) Or: How the ESPN Chatters perceive Tiago Splitter’s potential.

As you probably already know, the US and Brasilian National teams are duking it out right now at the FIBA Worlds in Turkey. While doing a little looking around for news on the match, I saw the results of this poll posted at ESPN in the chat room for the game:

When asked “have you been impressed with Tiago Splitter?” 52% of poll responders said that they were at least somewhat impressed with the Big Brasilian and 20% were very impressed.  Only 6% had a negative opinion.  I know it is just some silly poll at some silly website, but I think it also offers a little bit of hope and clarity as this is the first time any of us have seen Tiago versus NBA players and to come across as impressive, even somewhat, is impressive.

Of course he did face a little foul trouble, but I guess you win some and you lose some.