Hmm…Another Guard?

By FanSided Staff

Check this out:

@ AlexKennedyNBA: After playing professionally in Belgium, Thomas Gardner is trying to land on an NBA roster. The Spurs and Warriors have expressed interest.

@ AlexKennedyNBA:Gardner will work out for the Spurs tomorrow morning. Prior to playing in Belgium, he had stints with the Bulls, Hawks, and Grizzlies.

Okay, the tweefs above come from Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld. Spurs fans have learned to question the veracity of Hoopsworld over the years, but if this reporting is true why the heck would the Spurs be looking at yet another freaking guard. I know there are always training camp invitees that are brought in to be bodies and not much else, but with the plethora of guards already on the roster do we need more of those sorts of bodies? And to make matters more confusing, Chris Kramer of Purdue is supposed to be coming in next week for a run!

I’m not dumb, I know work-outs are just that, but come on! Let’s look at someone taller than me for Pete’s Sake! [ED: B.didd is 6’8″ for those of you that ain’t in the know]