Let’s Play: Redesign the Spurs’ Uniform!

By FanSided Staff

In the past few weeks the Warriors, Jazz, Clips, T-wolves, and Cavs all unveiled pretty substaintail overhauls to their uniforms for the upcoming season to mixed results.

As is their standard M.O. the Spurs did things decidedly more low-key and left it to the fans to play “spot the differences” when it came to their uni changes

Photo courtsey of Spurs.com

Photo courtsey Spurs.com

What you see above are one of James Anderson’s offical NBA rookie photos and a picture of Manu in action taken in December of 2009. At least two things should jump out at you, first the stripped waistband is gone and and second (finally) they’ve added a bit of a Vee to the neck-hole (yes, I just said neck-hole, now shut yours). Take a look to see if anything else jumps out at you.

So these little changes got me to thinking, and I said to myself, “Self, you know how you always thought the Spurs colors were awesome and for the most part dug the uniforms themselves?”

So I said, “Yes, Diddy I do know what your talking about, but I also always wished that they changed things up a bit. You know, like a road alternate, or a throw-back.”

So then I said, “They’ve done that, remember Los Spurs? Or when the added the French flag to the jersey striping?”

Then I countered, “Not someting stupid like that, something that someone might want to wear around to show their love.”

Then it hit me, “I know, why not ask the readers of Air Alamo to come up with some ideas and then post then to the site.” So for those of you so inclined, please send your rough sketches, your nicely photshopped mock-ups, you crayon scribbles of what you think would make a cool addition to the Spurs uniform family to: airalamo.uniforms@gmail.com with the word “Uniform” in the subject line. Thanks and have fun.

Special thanks to Uniwatch and the readers at PtR